lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

We save one woman, we save one community (III)

Preventing teenage pregnancy in mostly rural spaces

Teenage pregnancy is a public health important issue and its prevalence is due to social-cultural conditions, whichave determined its considerable increasing, happening mostly often in poorest social-economic sectors, although it is present in all society levels.

Many times, gender-based violence (GBV) is inside the daily life of the woman, provocating a systematic victimization effect in female gender. This is evidenced when analyzing the teenage pregnancy high rates, making the violence to go unseen, becoming a ‘ghost violence’ type, adding to its non-identification.

That’s why this intervention is committed to prevent pregnancy in teenagers inside a specific territory.
Particularly, the intervention wants to focus on:
1) Making the teenage population of the territory to be sensitive to prevent teenage pregnancy into a gender equity environment.
2) Promoting human development by life projects for teenagers.
3) Estimulating the repetition of learned contents by the teenage pregnancy prevention educative workshop’s attendants inside their educative community.

4) Developing healthy environments for teenagers by the education on teenage sexuality for parents.
In this intervention, the participants are who coordinates sexual and reproductive health (SRH) strategy at the territory under intervention’s managing office, and chiefs of every health stand inside the territory under intervention, but the space to do it would be the high-schools where the teenagers attend to.

And the logical reason is that our target are male and female teenagers who study at high-schools in the territory.
What we have to do is one educative workshopformed by five educative sessions (one monthly per every high-school) plus one repetition session (expo-fest) per every high-school.
One high-school per every health stand wil be chosen.
Every session will last two pedagogic hours and the topics are:
  • Sesion 1: Gender equity.
  • Session 2: GBV Prevention.
  • Session 3: Teenage Pregnancy.
  • Session 4: Human Development Promotion and Life Projects for Teenagers.
  • Session 5 – Intervention for Parents: Teenager’s Sexuality.
As a finale, a expo-fest to be made. Teenagers will repeat the acquired knowledge to their mates.
The monitoring of the intervention is continous and ends making a report that has to be released for verifying the indicators accomplishment and having a basis linking to future interventions.

Post-produced by Sheyla Benavente.

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