martes, 28 de junio de 2016

The “bride” goes white and… shiny?

Marco Paulini - Peru
The silence was broken by the bells ringing, while dizzy white birds flew around gracefully over who congregated for wishing them prosperity.
His impatience vanished when he saw her. A smile was drawn on his face looking at her 14-spring-old beautiness. His happiness could be seen, and how he proudly waited for her, like whoever waiting for recognizement for having a won  battle.
She went white, shiny, held in the arm by her father, who accompanied her to the shrine, while her pretty-well-dressedmother cried.
“It’s better so. Every woman reaches the time to begin a nest,” another women, all outfit straight for that moment, said her.
“Be proud. Not all of us could went out white-dressed like your daughter,” another one said.
“If he isn’t, somebody else will bring her out,” someone else said.
“She’s getting married as God command -  nobody could criticize her,” another one else whispered.
From the congregated there, an angel watched the scene and cried remembering all the happy lived moments next to her older little sister and, eyewitnessing all events ending into a wedding, could not stop asking: “will this happen anytime to me too?”
She was seen beauty walking to the shrine  while a girl guided her way with a little basket full of rose pieces. She, excited by the wedding song, felt overwhelmed by so many feelings. She tought inside “In the end, who doesn’t want having an assured future beside a rich man, on his forties also? He has got madurity what a boy of my age doesn’t.”
She encouraged, preferred just thinking if to bring Julieta, his companion since she was just 7 years old wwhen Aunt Matilde gift her, to her new home would be badly seen. Even when Julieta, her doll, was old, she was her only ssecret keeper.
Behind her veil, innocence and femenity of her years could be drawn. Her veil and her hair curl playfully was hidding the rouge after the slap she was infringed by her father the night before, when she confessed him she didn’t want to get married, while her inmacullate white dress simulated well she was two months of pregnancy.
An almost angelical choir sounded while her father deserved his babe to the sorry rapist.
Then, are you the bride or who waited for her? Continuing or stoping gender violence depends on you.

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  1. It's good to see that all these subjects are being treated not only in Peruvian media, but also in the streets, among commoners. I just hope this isn't an ephemeral trend only, but it goes down in every person's hearts and minds.